BEHRINGER HBP-650A수평 이중 칼럼 띠톱

형태:수평 이중 칼럼 띠톱
조건:중고 - 우수
위치:New York
환불 정책:30-일
Stock # :4919


사각 - 능력(높이):25.5 "
직사각형 - 능역(폭):25.5 "

Manufacturer: BEHRINGER
Model: HBP-650A
S/N: 1197399
Year: 1997
Condition: Very Good

The BEHRINGER automatic machine range is as flexible as your requirements. These machines are suitable for everything from dividing pipes and profiles to solid material with difficult machining properties. Their rigid, torsionally-resistant and low-vibration sawing frames in a stable cast design and backlash-free pre-tensioned quadruple guides ensure optimum sawing results. The BEHRINGER cutting pressure control system supplied as a standard feature permits either a constant cutting feed during the sawing of solid material, or force-dependent automatic adjustment of the cutting feed when sawing pipes and profiles. It guarantees economy coupled with high cutting performance while taking optimum care of the bandsaw blade. They are user-friendly, impress with good accessibility and equipped with an intuitive NC control.

Capacity Round-- 25.5" (650mm)
Capacity Square-- 25.5" x 25.5" (650 x 650mm)
Working Height-- 27.6"
Feed Length, Single Stroke-- 23.6"
Blade Width-- 2-1/2" (64mm)
Cutting Speeds-- 70-355 SFM
Drive Motor-- 10 HP 230/460/3
Net Weight-- 17600 LB
Floor Area-- 174" x 93"
Height-- 112"

Equipped With:
Twin Post Design
Behringer BT20 PLC Control
Frequency Controlled Blade Motor
Fully automatic height setting of the saw frame
Hydraulic saw blade tensioning with electrical monitoring
Hydraulic material clamping
Steplessly adjustable material gripper clamping pressure
Ball screw for precise material positioning
Electronically controlled cutting speed
Steplessly adjustable saw feed
Swarf Conveyor
Presetting of cut-off lengths adjustable to within .004"

FOB Long Island N.Y.


25.5" Behringer 2 post saw in excellent condition. 30 day return privilege. 1997

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