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모델:ACER 2
형태:플라즈마 절단기
제어:CNC (Vision PC/NT CNC)
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컷 -폭:2,438 mm
절단 길이:7,315 mm
플라즈마 전원:200 a
#플라즈마 토치:2
래피드 이송속도:1400 inpm
제어반:CNC (Vision PC/NT CNC)

8' x 24' Esab Model ACER 2 High-Performance Plasma Cutting System (2008)

Cutting Wifth: 8'
Cutting Length: 24'
Plasma Capability: 200 AMP
Traverse Speed: 1400 ipm
Positioning Accuracy: +/- .005"
Positioning Repeatability: +/- .001"
Product Advantage: ESAB Cutting Systems has developed this revolutionary machine tool that takes advantage of the latest developments in Precision Plasma to cut parts close to laser quality at a fraction of the cost.
Features: 200 amp precision plasma capability High speed, highly accurate dual side drives Precision Linear Rail cross axis guiding system Fully enclosed powertracks protect hoses and cables ESAB Precision Plasmarc system with optional Integrated Flow Control (IFC) ESABs Vision PC, Windows based CNC, User Independent and Repeatable Cut Quality with Programmable Cutting Parameters Plasma marking and plasma cutting with the same torch, Precision initial height sensing with clear-the-plate feature. Integral cutting table and unitized design, Digital AC drive amplifiers AC brushless motors, Precision heavy-duty gearboxes, Torit Dust Collection System, Fine Line 200PC Innerlogic High Density Plasma Cutting Systems
Utilization: Less Than 1000 Hours

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