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시트-W:1,549 mm
시트-L:3,073 mm
와트:4000 w
분당 인치:3150 inpm
X-이동:3,073 mm
Y-이동:1,549 mm
Z-이동:199.9 mm

4000 Watt Amada FO3015M2NT Laser cutting system
Manufactured 2012, Installed October of 2012
Approximately 24,000 total hours

Motion package
Travel method: X & Y - axis beam move
Drive method: X Rack & Pinion, Y & Z Ball screw
Work area
X= 121"
Y= 61"
Z= 7.87"
Maximum thickness
7/8" mild steel
1/2" stainless steel
3/8" aluminum
Maximum work weight: 2000 lbs
Rapid traverse
X & Y: 3,150 inches per minute
Simultaneous: 4455 inches per minute
Z: 2, 362 inches per minute
Repeatability: +/- 0.0002"
Z-axis sensor: HS-2007
CNC: AMNC PC-OS; windows embedded
Assist gas control: Automatic select
Oscillator: AF4000iB-4000 watt
Approximate machine weight: 34, 216 lbs (includes shuttle tables)
Power requirements: 200/220V +/- 10% 50/60 Hz

CNC controller
Model: AMNC -PC
Display: LCD color graphics display
Control function
X,Y,Z-axis simultaneous and focus lens B-axis, adaptive optic and laser power control (CW, gated pulse, pierce routines, etc.)
Data input method: Touch screen, keyboard, ethernet, wireless, CD, USB, 3.5" floppy disk
Minimum command unit: 0.0001" (X,Y,Z)
Minimum travel unit: 0.0001" (X,Y,Z)
Standard memory: 2 MB
Hard drive: 10 GB
Operating modes: Automatic and manual
Display modes: Program contents, position information, program check, settings, parameters, beam diameter compensation, assist gas status, self diagnostics
Interlock displays: Cooling water status, gas pressure status, vacuum status, turbo blower malfunction, shutter status beam power, resonator discharge, door open, WACS


4000 watt Amada FOM2-3015NT laser cutting system. This machine was installed in October of 2012 and is currently in an automated load and unload system. It also includes the automated nozzle changer

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