RELIANT PCO810176대형 오븐

형태:대형 오븐
조건:새로운에서 주식
제어:CNC (Allen Bradley Micrologic 1400.)
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₩45,456,000.00 KRW


챔버-폭:2,438 mm
쳄버-길이:5,334 mm
챔버-높이:3,048 mm
최대 온도:232.2°C
제어반:CNC (Allen Bradley Micrologic 1400.)

Maple Systems HMI5070NH Touchscreen with Allen Bradley Micrologic 1400 PLC.
Rear or side mounted heat unit
7.5 HP recirculation fan system (10,300 CFM)
1 HP powered exhaust system with upgraded VFD exhaust control (requires class B, 8" dual wall exhaust duct)
Natural fuel Burner requires supply adequate to support 750,000 Btu/hr output at 10”-14” w.c. under operation
Material load-in via double doors at one end.

The oven is equipped with a range of redundant safety devices. These devices include:
• High and low pressure gas safety valves
• Manual gas shut-off
• Ignition sensor with auto shut-down
• Combustion safeguard
• Flame safety switch
• Powered air circulation fan
• Powered air exhaust fan
• Intake air proving switch
• Exhaust air proving switch
• High temperature safety switch
• Oven temperature sensor
• Purge timer for combustion
• Purge timer for oven operation
• Motor overload protection
• Fan/belt/motor guards
• Explosion relief design


Brand-new never installed Reliant Finishing Systems batch-curing oven. Purchased as a composites-curing oven but can be used for powder-coat curing, etc. Modular design, length can be shortened by leaving out sections. Still on original shipping pallets, never unpacked.