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형태:범용 원통 연삭기
제어:CNC (FANUC 21i-TB)
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스윙:350 mm
중심:650 mm
워크헤드 모터:7.5 kW
작업헤드 스핀들 속도:1,500 RPM
연마 휠 직경:500 mm
센터간 최대 무게:70 kg
무게:5200 kg
제어반:CNC (FANUC 21i-TB)

One (1) Used STUDER S31 CNC Cylindrical Grinder, New 2006, Machine has been Completely Revised and In Excellent Condition. The machine can be inspected under power. Machine CNC Control is FANUC 21i-TB.

Center height 175 mm
Distance between centers 650 mm
Max. grinding diameter 349 mm
Grinding length 800 mm
Workpiece weight on centers max. 70 kg
Grinding wheel left side:
diameter 500 mm
width 63 mm
bore 203 mm
Grinding wheel right side:
diameter 500 mm
width 63 mm
bore 203 mm
Turret grinding tool holder number of spindles 2
Grinding wheel speeds: stepless
Peripheral speed 50 m/s
Rotatable grinding spindle head °
Indexing automatic 0.0001 °
Cross travel CNC
Longitudinal slide:
Transversal slide: Max. travel 280 mm
Max. travel 800 mm
Resolution 0.0001 mm
Work piece spindle head:
speeds: stepless
from 1 rpm
up to 1500 rpm
C axis 0.0001
Taper in spindle: MT 4
Taper in tailstock: 3 MT
Tailstock travel of barrel 35 mm
Table speed: stepless
from 0.001 mm/min
up to 10000 mm/min
Voltage 50 Hz 3x 400 Volt
Grinding spindle motor 7.5 kW
Workpiece spindle motor 3 kW
Total power required 32 kVA
Machine's weight about 5200 kg
Various accessories:
Coolant System Paper Filter Facility
C Axis
B Axis B1 + B2
Sparking-out attachment
CNC cycle redressing unit
Full splash cabin
RS-232 Interface
Door security attachment
Electronic hand held remote control
Grinding wheel right and left hand
Specifications Subject To Buyer Confirmation

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