TOPTECH VSHS-8X3100전원 제곱 가위 (인치)

형태:전원 제곱 가위 (인치)
조건:새로운에서 주식
환불 정책:60-일
Stock # :10002
$25,000.00 USD


최대 두께:0.3 "
블레이드의 길이:12 '
백 게이지:30 "
동력:15 hp
분당 평방미터:8 spm

1 Cutting plate thickness 8 mm
2 Cutting plate width 3100 mm
3 Back gauge range 750 mm
4 Cutting angle 0.5~2.5 °
5 Throat depth 70 mm
6 Main motor power 11 kW
7 Machine weight 6100 kg


1.Frame structure
Designed under FARINA technology
Full steel structure, stress released, with accuracy well kept.
Main component is designed and Finite Element Analyzed through ANSYS software.
Main frame composes of uprights, working table, holding-down beam and oil tank.
Ball transporter and supporting bar and squaring arm are fixed on working table.

2.Upper blade beam and blades
Guillotine type blade beam, with rake angle adjustable
The rake angle could be motorized adjusted by press button according to material and thickness.
When shearing thin thickness sheet, the rake angle could be reduced, thus the distortion of the product and the burr could be minimized.
Exchangeable Rectangle blade, with 4 cutting edges available.
Blade material 6CrW2Si with hardness HRC53-60, with quality shearing result and long life.

3. Shearing length/stroke adjustment
The shearing stroke could be adjusted through knob to the length of the product. Thus efficiency could be improved.

4. Cutting beam guiding and blade clearance
The cutting beam is guided between roller guides. At the rear of the cutting beam there are two sets of upper and lower roller guides located at each end of the beam.
Two spring-loaded rollers located at the front of the shear apply pressure to the cutting beam, forcing it against the back roller guides.
The bearings of the upper roller guides at the back of the cutting beam are mounted on an eccentric shaft. Rotating this shaft causes the cutting beam to tilt, thus providing proper blade clearance to the shearing blades.
The upper cutting beam inclined forward, with high section-cutting quality on the product.
The blades clearance could be adjusted manually through hand-wheel according to material and thickness.
Since the blade clearance is 0.1 to 2.5 mm

5. Hydraulic system
SMAC special hydraulic unit for heavy type shear is adopted.
Hydraulic control components is from YUKEN Japan (or HYDAC, Germany)
With in-series cylinders to achieve good synchronization.
The sheet is pressed by hold-down before shearing and during shearing for safety and reliability.
One-time machining on CNC lathe for cylinder body and piston rod. Horning for inner surface of cylinder, vibration super-fine machining on the outer surface of the piston rod.
Oil seals from NOK, Japan (or Merkel, Germany) with low wear and tear, no oil leakage.
High-pressure internal gear pump, with reliability and low noise.
Over-load protection for hydraulic system

6. Electrical system
Movable remote operation station with emergency stop.
Main electrical components(contactor, button and switch) adopt product from TELEMECANIQUE from France.
Requirement on working condition:
Working temperature: -10 to 47
Power supply: 380V±5%, 50HZ, 3 Phase

7. Shadow line lighting
It is clear with shadow line lighting for a close and accurate view of the cutting line.

8 Motorized Back gauge
The back gauge is driven by lead screw and normal motor. With electrical display, with stroke 750mm as standard and option to 1000mm.

9. Safety device
Fence guard and protection switch for preventing finger being cut.
Movable remote foot pedal with emergency stop


TOPTECH VSHS-8X3100 (75.8키로 바이트)
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