TOPTECH TM6336수직 & 수평 선반

형태:수직 & 수평 선반
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Stock # :20003
₩14,837,550.00 KRW


테이블 크기 - W:355.6 mm
테이블 사이즈-L:1,321 mm

1 Max. drilling diameter Φ10mm (steel)
2 Max. vertical milling diameter Φ25mm  
3 Spindle taper 7:24 ISO40( vertical spindle)
7:24 ISO50(horizontal spindle)
4 Spindle speed range 70~3600 r.p.m. ( vertical spindle)
58~1800 r.p.m.(horizontal spindle)
5 Spindle speed steps 10 steps ( vertical spindle)
12 steps (horizontal spindle)
6 Distance between vertical spindle axis and surface of column 150mm ~ 550mm
7 Distance between vertical spindle nose and table surrface 200mm ~ 650mm
8 Distance between horizontal spindle axis and table surface 0 ~380mm
9 Spindle sleeve travel 150mm
10 Table size 1320mm×360mm
11 Table load 400kgs
12 Table travel(X×Y×Z) 1000mm×300mm×450mm
13 Main motor power H:3.7Kw, V:4 Kw
14 Overall dimension (L×W×H) 1600mm×1900mm×2250mm
15 Net weight 2500 Kg


1) all 3 axis with automatic feeds and rapid feeds
2) Vertical head swivel +/-45 degree
3) Spindle speed for horizontal and vertical spindle controlled by separate switch gears with oil bath lubrication
3) Capstan controlled quill feed for drills, manual micro feeds for milling
4) For horizontal spindle operations, the top beam including head can be completely rotated on the stands
5) 3 axis square guide ways
6) Clamping on all 3 axis
7) Adjustable stops for drilling depth and table adjustment


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