TOPTECH APL-110 (EDS-110)공압 프레스

모델:APL-110 (EDS-110)
형태:공압 프레스
조건:새로운에서 주식
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톤수:110 T

Capacity: 110 Metric Tons
Stroke: 25~160mm
Die Height: 370mm
Stroke Per Minute: 30- 60s. P. M
RAM Adjustment: 80mm
RAM: 650mm X 470mm X 80mm
Bed: 1150mm X 600mm X 110mm
Motor: 11kw X 4
Air Pressure: 6kg/Cm^2
Die Cushion: 6.3 Metric tons (optional)


With high rigidity design in machine frame, the machine body is welded of quality steel sheet adn treated by tension elimination, improve stability and reliability of the mechanical precision.

Keep the transmission center and machine center in uniformity, guarantee the precision of pressing.

In order to guarantee the machine running in stable and smooth, adopts the design of symmetrical two slid boards with balancer.

The precision of mold adjusting up to 0.1mm, safety, reliable and convenient.

Crank, gear. Connect bar are oxidized hardening and milled, having super comprehensive mechanical performance and durable function.

Using reliable high sensitive clutch/brake and international sophisticated twin electromagnetic valve, overloading protector can guarantee the precision fo slider running and stop andsafe production of the machine.

Reasonable structure design, is benefit for automated production and reduce cost, improve efficiency.

Advanced design principle, low noise, low consumption, low cost, save energy.

tandard accessories
Slide & Die balance device
Rotary cam
Crank angle indicator
Die height indicator
Hydraulic over-load protector
PLC (Programmable logical controller)
Air source receptacle
Over-run protector
Manual lubrication system
Stroke counter
Electrical slide adjuster(80tons to 315tons)
Manual slide adjuster(15tons to 60tons)
Maintenance tool box
Operation manual

Optional accessories
Slide knock-out device
Mis-feed detector
Photoelectric protector
Power socket
Anti-vibration device


TOPTECH APL-110 (EDS-110) (17메가 바이트)
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