GEHRING BRH1레이스 그라인더 베어링

형태:레이스 그라인더 베어링
조건:중고 - 좋은
Serial # :G266
환불 정책:있는 그대로
$9,000.00 USD


무게:4000 lbs
제어반:CNC (Allen Bradley PanelView 1000 Control )

460 Volt 3 Phase 60Hz power needed for machine
30.4 Amps full load
60 Amps disconnect


Gehring BRH1 Roller Bearing Raceway Re-Finishing Superfinishing Honing Machine

SN# G266

Date of Manufacture: August, 2001

Machine is working and looks great.
Machine Type: Bearing Race Grinder

The BRH1 Gehring bearing refinishing machine is for honing various sizes of roller bearings and is capable of hand loading and unloading. A spindle head consisting of a servo driven slider positions abrasives at the proper location, and a cam operated stroke system provides the short stroking required at three different locations in each track. The servo driven vertical slide is also capable of stroking the tool for the full length of the track.

An adjustable double wheel assembly and a pneumatically operated clamp assembly secure and rotate the bearing during the refinishing process. An indexing assembly positions the clamp assembly for various bearing diameters. The servo driven position of the stroke carriage and the drive wheels may also be adjusted to fit various bearing diameters.

Allen Bradley PanelView 1000 Control
All Electricals
Full Enclosure

Estimated Weight: 9000 lbs
Estimated Dimensions: 6 ft x 6ft x 9ft

Machine is located in Santa Ana, California, 92704. It is presently not under power but can be hooked up for your inspection if required.

If you need a price quote for shipping then please provide us your full address and if you have a forklift of not to unload the machine.

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