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척크기:8 "
바 용량:2.008 "
동력:10.1 hp
최대 RPM:12000 rpm
터닝 직경:7.874 "
가공 길이:30.71 "
무게:30,000 Lbs
제어반:CNC (Fanuc 31A5)

Max. Swing Over Cross slide 8.07"
Max. Turning Diameter 7.87"
Standard Turning Diameter 6.69"
Standard Turning Length 30.7"
Main Max. Bar Capacity 2.04"(Both Spindles)
Spindle Nose/ Spindle Thru Hole Dia. A2-5"/2.48"
Spindle Speed 45-5000 RPM
Main Spindle Motor 15 HP AC
Right Spindle, Spindle Nose/Thru Hole Dia. A2-5"/2.48"
Spindle Speed 45-5000 RPM
Draw Tube 2.047"
Right Spindle Horsepower 15 HP AC
Slide Travel X1/X2 22.44"/5.14"
Slide Travel Z1/Z2 51.06"/25.9"
Slide Travel Y Axis Upper Slide 3.937"
Slide Travel B2 Axis 30.3"
Rapid Feed X1/X2 1182/630 IPM
Rapid Feed Z1/Z2 1576/1576 IPM
Rapid Feed B2 1576 IPM
Rapid Feed Y 630 IPM
C-Axis 0.001
Rapid Index Feed 600 IPM
Spindle Speed 45-12000 RPM
Tool Shank Capto C4
Number Of Tool Stock 24 X 2
Tool Spindle B-Axis 190 Degree (+-95 Degrees)
Type Of Turret Head Dodecagonal Drum Turret
Number Of Tool Stations 24
Machine Weight 30,000 Lbs.

Equipped with:
Fanuc 31i-A5 2path CNC Control,
AICCII / Jerk Control,
NT Nurse Ii System,
Nt Navigator,
OMP 60m/Lp2 Tool Setter,
LPE2 100mm Extension,
Tool Setting Styli / Tool Setting Software Fanuc, Nc4 Laser Probe Tool Set On B-Axis,
In-Process Measurement,
Tool Center Point Control,
Tilted Work Plane,
Capto C4 Shank,
Parts Catcher A -9 Controlled Axes,
Chamfering And Corner Rounding,
Arc Radius R Programming,
Multiple Repetitive Cycles,
Polar Coordinate Interpolation,
Cylindrical Interpolation,
Balance Cut,
Thread Cutting,
Abnormal Load Detection -N-T Nurse Tool Monitoring Function,
Excessive Load Detection,
Navigator Function For Part And Datum Point Recognition,
Fixed Air Blow Off Both Systems,
(2) 6.5" 3 Jaw Hydraulic Chucks L/R,
Y- Axis Upper Turret,
Milling Both Turrets,
Synchronized Z Axes,
Hydraulic Pressure Interlock,
Milling Spindle Sync. Tap,
Chip Conveyor,
All Available Standard Turning Tool Holders,
All Available Manuals,
1 - Tool Box,
1 - Electrical Parts,
1 - Chuck Parts (chuck wrench, bracket, allen wrenches),
1 - Shipping Brackets,
1 - Tool Holder RH (C21441),
1 - Cut Off Holder LH (C21431),
1 - Double Boring Holder (C22413),
2 - Double Turning Holder (C21417),
4 - Tool Holder A (C21411),
2 - 3/8 Bushing (M2120),
2 - 1/2 Bushing (M2121),
2 - 5/8 Bushing (M2122),
2 - 3/4 Bushing (M2123)

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