FADAL VMC-4525HT수직 머시닝 센터

형태:수직 머시닝 센터
조건:새로운에서 주식
제어:CNC (Fadal MP)
판매자:판매자가 누군지보기 ...


X:1,143 mm
Y:635 mm
Z:609.6 mm
동력:16.8 kW
분당 회전속도:10000 rpm
# ATC:24
테이블 W:635 mm
테이블-L:1,359 mm
테이퍼:CAT 40
치수:106" x 94" x 120"
무게:13600 LBS
제어반:CNC (Fadal MP)

X-Axis Travels: 45"
Y-Axis Travels: 25"
Z-Axis Travels: 24"
Table Size: 53.5" X 25”
Table Capacity: 4,250 LBS
Rapid Traverse (X/Y): 900 IPM
Spindle Speed: 10,000 RPM
Spindle Taper: CAT40
ATC, Number of Tools: 24 DATC (1.9 sec)
Spindle Drive Motor: 22.5 HP (30 HP available)
Spindle Torque: 220 FT/LBS
Control: Fadal MP
Dimensions: 106" x 94" x 120"
Weight: 13,600 LBS


• Fadal MultiProcessor Control
• AC Servo System
• High Torque
• 10,000 RPM
• 24 Tool DATC (1.9 second tool change)
• Chip Auger
• Cool Power
• Rigid Tapping
• High Speed CPU
• Graphics
• USB Port
• Flood Coolant
• Manuals

• Very High Torque Spindle Motor
• Remote Manual Pulse Generator
• Renishaw Touch Probes
o Tool Setter Probe
o Work Piece Probe
• CRT-to-LCD Upgrade
• Coolant Through Spindle
• Rotary Tables (New & Refurb)
o VH5C
o VH65
o VH175
o VH225
o VH275
o TR65 (5-Axis)
o V300
o Rotary Accessories
• Servo Package (4th/5th Axes)
• Single Phase Transformer
• Extended Parts Warranty
• Auto Aim Servo Coolant
• Midaco Pallet Changer
• Tooling Packages
• Vises


Why buy a used Fadal when you can buy rebuilt? All our machines go through the same process for rebuilding which include a complete disassembly and a component based inspection and replacement, with a parts warranty to keep your mind at ease.

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