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모델:RSM 1000 CNC
형태:범용 원통 연삭기
조건:새로운에서 주식
제어:CNC (GPlus 450 (Windows-based))
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스윙:508 mm
중심:101.6 mm
동력:2.2 kW
워크헤드 모터:0.4 kW
작업헤드 스핀들 속도:600 RPM
연마 휠 직경:149.9 mm
센터간 최대 무게:10 kg
치수:(LxWxH) 118x79x63
무게:4,840 lbs
제어반:CNC (GPlus 450 (Windows-based))


RSM 1000 CNC Cylindrical Grinder
High-Precision Cylindrical I/D-O/D Grinding Machine

- KNUTH GPlus 450 CNC for Cylindrical Grinding Machines
- Easy programming is made possible by editable machining cycles
- High precision for ID and OD grinding with advanced control technology
- Superior machining quality and high flexibility for series and small batch productions
- Graphic support for grinding cycles
- Standard inside grinder
- These proven, solid machine frames with wide V-guides and box ways ensure low vibrations for optimum work results
- Precision-ground, carefully machined guide ways with Turcite B counter-lamination prevent stick-slip effects and ensure very smooth movements and constant precision
- Axes are driven by a servo drive and run on precision preloaded ball screws
- Large preloaded ball screws ensure accurate positioning and excellent repeatability
- The extremely rigid headstock with precision bearings and MT4 taper can be equipped with the included 3-jaw lathe chuck
- The sturdy grinding headstock features an extra-large grinding spindle
- High-precision hydrodynamic bearings of the grinding spindle ensure optimum grinding results
- Steady and follow rest are included for machining of longer parts
- Standard inside grinding attachment is included for grinding inside contours
- High-performance coolant system – includes filter and magnetic particle separator
- Wheel dresser at the work spindle and the tailstock

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