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형태:범용 원통 연삭기
제어:CNC (Fanuc 16-GC)
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스윙:350.5 mm
중심:1,016 mm
동력:7.5 kW
연마 휠 직경:398.8 mm
센터간 최대 무게:130.2 kg
무게:5100 kg
제어반:CNC (Fanuc 16-GC)

One (1) Used STUDER S40 CNC Cylindrical Grinder. Machine is in Excellent Condition and can be inspected under power. CNC Fanuc 16-GC.

Center height 175 mm
Distance between centers 1000 mm
Workpiece weight on centers max. 130 kg
Grinding wheel left side:
Diameter 400 mm
Width 40 mm
Bore 127 mm
Grinding wheel right side:
Diameter 400 mm
Width 63 mm
Bore 127 mm
Turret Grinding Tool Holder Number of Spindles 3
Peripheral speed 35 m/s
Workpiece spindle head (B-axis) 210 ° / 0.0001°
Transversal slide:
Max. travel 275 mm
Max. grinding length 1050 mm
Work piece spindle head:
from 30 rpm
up to 675 rpm
Rotatable 90°
C axis
Voltage 50 Hz 3x 400 Volt
Grinding spindle motor 7.5 kW
Machine's weight about 5100 kg
Coolant System Paper Filter Facility
Specifications Subject To Buyer Confirmation

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