GANESH GT-1640엔진 선반

형태:엔진 선반
조건:새로운에서 주식
$13,990.00 USD


스윙:16 "
중심:8.071 "
스핀들 보어:2 "
동력:7.5 hp
분당 회전속도:2000 rpm
슬라이드 위 스윙:9.449 "

Capacity & Dimensions-
Swing over Bed 16” 410mm
Center height 8-1/16” 205mm
Swing over Cross Slide 9-7/16” 240mm
Swing thru Gap 23-7/16” 595mm
Length of Gap in front of face plate, D1-6 / A1-6 6-1/8” / 6-7/8” 155mm / 175mm optional
Bed casting width / bed casting height 11-13/16” / 8-1/16” 300mm / 205mm
Spindle Motor Horsepower 7.5 HP 7.5 HP
Spindle speeds – 12-speeds 30 – 2000 rpm)
(High & Low)
Spindle Bore 2-1/16” 52mm
Spindle Nose D1-6 A1-6 optional
Spindle taper in spindle nose MT-6 Morse Taper #6
Carriage -
Cross slide travel / Cross slide width 9” / 7-3/32” 230mm / 180mm
Cross slide lead screw pitch .200”/rev.
Cross slide resolution per division 0.001” (on diameters)
Carriage lead screw diameter / pitch 1-1/4” / 4 TPI 32mm / 6mm pitch
Feed rod dimensions 7/8” hexagon 23mm hexagon
Compound top slide travel / Compound width 4-3/4” / 4-11/32” 120mm / 110mm
Cutting tool height maximum 1.0” x 1.0” 25mm x 25mm
Tailstock- Engraved with inch / metric quill graduations
Quill diameter 2-1/8” 54mm
Quill stroke 4-3/4” 120mm
Quill taper MT-4 Morse Taper #4
Quill tang drive and drift-slot for tailstock included
Tailstock body set-over adjustment ± ½” ± 13mm
Thread Cutting-
Thread cutting range – 40 inch pitches 2 – 56 TPI
Thread cutting range – 53 metric pitches 0.4 – 14mm
Thread cutting range – 32 diametral pitches 4 – 32 D.P. Optional
Thread cutting range – 44 module pitches 0.4 – 7 M.P. Optional
Feeds- (with clutched feed shaft for safety)
Feeds – longitudinal - 40 feeds 0.0012” – 0.0252”/rev. 0.032mm – 0.898mm/rev.
Feeds – cross - 40 feeds 0.0006” – 0.0126”/rev. 0.016mm – 0.449mm/rev.
Feed stop control shaft 4-adjustable automatic feed stops to disengage the longitudinal feed
Coolant pump motor 220vac, 1/8-HP, 3-Phase
Power requirements 220 vac, 7.5-HP, 3-Phase @ 35-amps


Ganesh GT -16 series Geared-Head Manual Engine Lathes 16” Swing over Bedways, 40” & 60” Center Distances
Automatic way lubrication with filtered pressure lubrication system.
The electrical control box and coolant system are equipped with electro-magnetic contactors and overload relay protection devices to prevent motors from burning out and to ensure safe operation.
The tailstock quill is oversized and equipped with a tang-drive and a drift-slot to make removing the centers and taper shank drills very easy.
Flood coolant system is included
A tool box and tool kit with grease gun and touch-up paint is included with the machine
Inspection Report on accuracy to CNS 94 and B7001 standards included
Instruction Manual, Tools and Tool Box with hand tools and lube gun included
One-Year Limited Parts and Labor Warranty Included
Large compliment of parts and accessories in stock to ensure continued operation


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