STARTRITE 316수직 밴드 톱

형태:수직 밴드 톱
Serial # :95306
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Stock # :9639


스로트 용량:914.4 mm
작업 높이:419.1 mm
동력:2.2 kW
블레이드 폭:95.25 mm
블레이드 길이:914.4 mm
분당 피트:3699
치수:36” W x 83”H x 80” L
무게:2,500 Lbs

We are pleased to offer, subject to prior sale and our conditions of sale, the following for your consideration:
Pre-Owned Startrite 316F/MS Vertical Saw
Serial No: 95306

General specifications are approximate, subject to verification

Throat depth: 36”
Table size (2): 28” x 26” and 19”x17”
Max height under guide: 16 1/2”
Blade Speeds
Low Speeds: 15-158 FPM
High Speeds: 50 to 520 FPM
Blade Size: 15’ 3” L x 3/4” W
Main motor: 3 HP
Electricals: 220/440
Approx. weight: 2,500 lbs.
Approx. dimensions: 36” W x 83”H x 80” L

Complete with:

• Tilting Main Table
• Auxiliary Table
• 3 Wheel Style Frame
• High/Low Speed Range
• New Guide Blocks and Inserts
• Jog/Run Button
• Operating Instructions Plaque
• Side Squaring Arm 0 to 100°
• Work Light

Inventory No: 9639


From long term storage. Runs Great and Looks Great.

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