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제어:CNC (NUM 1060G)
판매자:판매자가 누군지보기 ...
환불 정책:30-일


최대 기어경:150 mm
최대 피치 직경:5
무게:14,100 Lbs
제어반:CNC (NUM 1060G)

Number of CNC controlled axes 5
Number of CNC controlled spindles 1
Pitch rating 6.35 DP 4.0 Mod
Maximum workpiece diameter 5.906 in 150 mm
Maximum axial travel 5.906 in 150 mm
Worktable diameter 6.299 in 160 mm

Maximum radial center distance 6.299 in 160 mm
Minimum radial center distance 0.394 in 10 mm

Worktable Starts 4
Maximum Worktable RPM 150 RPM

Maximum hob diameter 5.118 in 130 mm
Maximum hob length 6.299 in 160 mm
Maximum hob shift travel 5.512 in 140 mm

Maximum swivel angle -30 deg +60/150 deg
Hob speed range (Infinitely Variable) 150 to 600 RPM
200 to 800 RPM
300 to 1200 RPM
Hob Spindle Power 9 HP 6 kW

Rapid traverse radial 118.110 in/min 3000 mm/min
Rapid traverse axial 118.110 in/min 3000 mm/min
Rapid traverse tangential 118.110 in/min 3000 mm/min

Length 185.433 in 4710 mm
Width 141.929 in 3605 mm
Height 102.756 in 2610 mm

Machine Weight 17857 lbs 8100 kg
Plant power 460 VAC 60 Hz


This PE-150 was retrofitted by MTB for a customer. It is equipped with a universal hob head that swivels over the top to handle left handed high helix parts. The machine was surplussed in 2015 due to overcapacity. We just recently acquired the machine and it is currently under power and available for viewing at our facility. The machine can easily be recontrolled with a new Fanuc or Siemens CNC . Call for details.


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