FEMCO VMC 1166A수직 머시닝 센터

모델:VMC 1166A
형태:수직 머시닝 센터
제어:CNC (FANUC 0i MC)
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Stock # :108589
₩33,669,825.00 KRW


X:1,270 mm
Y:762 mm
Z:635 mm
동력:14.9 kW
분당 회전속도:8000 rpm
# ATC:24
테이블 W:609.6 mm
테이블-L:1,295 mm
테이퍼:CAT #40
치수:128" x 96" x 88"
제어반:CNC (FANUC 0i MC)

High Pressure Coolant Thru the Spindle
Brinkmann TH116/470+001 Pump System
Chip Auger
24 Station Side Mounted Tool Changer
Rigid Tapping
Remote Jog Handle
Linear Scales
Boxed Ways
All Available Manuals


This machine is on our floor and ready to ship. With big travels of 50" x 30" x 25" this machine is a bargain at less than $30,000. It compares in size and travel to a Haas VF5/40 and you won't find a 2008 VF5/40 for anywhere near this price, especially with a high pressure coolant thru the spindle and a side mounted ATC. Take advantage of a great bargain while it lasts.

The pyramid machine construction features a perfect structural ratio. The major cast parts are scientifically rib reinforced. This machine construction effectively extends service life and features stable thermal effect and added dampening effect. When installing 3 axes ball screws, ball bar testing and laser equipment are employed for parameter adjustment to achieve the best possible accuracy. All slideways are hardened and precision ground and then coated with high quality, low friction Turcite-B for maximum wear resistance. The mating surfaces are precision treated for long term accuracy. Optimized machine construction. The major machine parts, such as base, column and saddle, etc., are manufactured from high quality alloy cast iron. It features maximum material stability, minimum deformation and lifetime accuracy.

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