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CNC – Gear Grinding Machine

manufacturer NILES
type ZP 20
built 2006
CNC-control SINUMERIK 840 D

CNC-Profil Grinding Machine for grinding external and internal spur and helical gears on cylindrical workpieces as well as any other profil or form which can be ground by the single indexing method.

working area
max. grindable diameter 2.000 mm
max. profile depth 75 mm
max. modul 34 mm
axis-distance rotary table – grinding wheel min. 300 – max. 1.210 mm

grinding spindle
speed max. 3.130 min-1
power 25 kW
diam. Spindle 80 mm
swivel range +/- 45 °
grinding wheel diameter max. 400 mm
grinding wheel width max. 100 mm

work piece table (C-axis)
table diameter 1.365 mm
table bore 1st Ø 650 x 220, 2nd Ø 475 x 300, 3rd Ø 400 x 500 mm
table load max. 180 kN
Hydrostatic guideway and Torque-motor

radial travel (Y) 910 mm
axial travel (X) 1.000 mm
Hydrostatic guideways in rotary table, Y-axis, X-axis - thereby no wear and no “stick slip”

2 Grinding-carriage
Grinding-carriage “Z” with external grinding spindle “Z”
Grinding-carriage “W” for measuring device or internal grinding spindle

Tailstock with steady-rest for max. work piece diam. 1.600 mm. Automatic movable up and down,
sliding bolts in bronce - diameter ajustable

Internal grinding unit
- Work piece
Max. profil-depth 45 mm
Max. tooth-width 350 mm
Max. Modul 24 mm

- Grinding wheel
Max. diam. 300 mm
Max. width 50 mm
Swivel range +/- 11°

SIEMENS SINUMERIK 840 D with 7 CNC-axis plus spindle
All axis with digital servo units.15“-TFT colorscreen, SIMODRIVE 611 D,
PLC in S7, NCU 573
Dialogprogramming for automatic programm-generating for part-programms for profil-grinding of
external gears with specific interface by KAPP-NILES with MICROSOFT WINDOWS® .

Machine-weigth ca. 37.0 to.
Space required ca. 7,1 x 7,4 x 4,6 m
Power required 75 kVA, 400 V, 50 Hz,
Pre-fuse 108 A

- NC-Dressing-Unit with 1 dressing-spindle for diamant-dressing-disc
- Complete coolant device (ca. 2.000 l) incl. bandfilter (400 l/min)
- Dust-exhauster
- Oel-coolant-system for lubrification-oel, coolant-oel and grinding-spindle
- Full-covering of the working-area
- Automatic grinding-head-swiveling and clamping stepless
- touch-probe inside the working-area for gear measuring
- Electronical hand-wheel
- Power-display for grinding-motor with overload-advice
- Special-software for dopple-helical-gears
- Automatical cut-splitting
- Measuring of tip- and root-diameter
- Electrical removing of the axis in case of emergency
- Telefon Diagnosesystem
- Machine in metrical performance
- Elektrical equipment on DIN EN 60204/VDE 0113 Teil 1, powersupply 400 V (50 Hz),
- Machine color white RAL 9002 und red RAL 3003

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