MACC 350 EDV원형 콜드 톱

모델:350 EDV
형태:원형 콜드 톱
조건:새로운에서 주식
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₩4,833,617.25 KRW


최대 블레이드 직경:355.6 mm
치수:4'-10" Height x 3'-3" Width x 3'-11" Length
무게:510 lbs.

- Solid Round Cutting at 90 Degrees - 2.3"
- Solid Round Cutting at 45 Degrees - 2.1"
- Round Tube Cutting at 90 Degrees - 4.3"
- Round Tube Cutting at 45 Degrees - 3.15"
- Square Tube Cutting at 90 Degrees - 4"
- Square Tube Cutting at 45 Degrees - 3.15"
- Rectangular Tube Cutting at 90 Degrees - 4.7"W x 3.15"H
- Rectangular Tube Cutting at 45 Degrees - 3.15"W x 3"H


- Movable head 45° left and 45° right
- Reduction unit in oil bath
- Double hinged pin with eccentric bush
- Double quick locking vice
- 0.09 kW Power - driven pump for band cooling
- Coolant filter
- Jet separation system to keep the blade oiled
- Sliding counter vice for longitudinal cutting
- Bar stop
- Bar support arm
- Service tools
- Instruction manual and spare parts
- 24 V low voltage installation withhold-to-run head control knob
- Overall dimensions: 1475 mm x 1000 mm x 1200 mm

Macc is a leading Company in producing bandsaws, circular cold saws and cutting lines for metal materials and aluminum. The strong presence in the market, both domestic and international, ever since 1976, the wide choice of models and the skills to satisfy the expectations of a complex global market are MACC's distinctive features. Macc production goes from the simplest manual machine to a fully automatic cutting line, from the vertical cutting off machine to the abrasives. In fact MACC keeps betting on a certified and innovative product, and through a dense net of commercial partnership in Italy and abroad, is committed to preserve and consolidate its clientele, maintaining an impulse to conquer new markets and partnerships.

Quantum Machinery Group proudly provides creative solutions for metal forming applications to your industry. We offer free engineering support, specifying machine and tooling packages for new and existing applications.

Our goal is to build and maintain a long-term business relationship with you as your single source for metal fabrication machinery, cold saw blades, and tooling.
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