FERMAT WHN 13.8 P수평 테이블 타입 보링

모델:WHN 13.8 P
형태:수평 테이블 타입 보링
제어:CNC (Heidenhain)
판매자:판매자가 누군지보기 ...


스핀들 크기:130 mm
테이블의 X-수평 TVL:4,000 mm
머리의 Y-수직 TVL:2,000 mm
동력:37 kW
분당 회전속도:3000 rpm
테이블 W:1,600 mm
테이블-L:1,800 mm
Z-스핀들 이동:1,250 mm
치수:7200 x 7800 x 4900 mm
무게:38000 kg
제어반:CNC (Heidenhain)

Overhauled: 2015

Travel X-axis: 4000 mm
Travel Y-axis: 2000 mm
Travel Z-axis: 1250 mm
Spindle travel - W axis: 730 mm
Diameter of working spindle: 130 mm
Spindle speed: 3000 /min.
Spindle taper: CAT 50
Clamping area of table: 1800 x 1600 mm
Max. weight of workpiece: 12000 kg
Number of positions in magazine: 40
Pressure of cooling: 20 bar
Control system Heidenhain: TNC 530
Main motor power: 37 kW
Total input: 80 kVA
Machine dimensions l x w x h: 7200 x 7800 x 4900 mm
Machine weight: 38000 kg


Completely remanufactured 5 Axis Boring Mill
New Fermat Headstock with 3000 RPM
Outer Cooling 4 bar
Full CNC Built in Rotatory Table
New Chip Conveyor
New Operator Platform
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