THOMPSON 60X 48 BT6034방법 또는 왕복 표 그라인더

모델:60X 48 BT6034
형태:방법 또는 왕복 표 그라인더
조건:중고 - 좋은
환불 정책:있는 그대로
$17,900.00 USD


테이블 W:72 "
테이블-L:301 "
치수:416" x 212" x 15ft, 7"
무게:116,000 KLBS

Thompson Way Grinder - 60 X 48 BT 6034 1961
Serial number 14H606228 (Aprox 1960)
3 grinding heads:
2 grinders / rail Head Motors 40 HP each
1 auxiliary grinding head
2 Table Hydraulic Pump Motors 30 HP each
Approximately table size – 16’ x 78"
Between Columns – 100"
Distance/clearance under wheel 60"
Cross travel 60"
Bed Travel 168"
Table speed (per minute) 10 to 100 FPM

Coolant pump with filter paper conveyor
2 Hydraulic pumps for rail head feeds
Wheel Dressers built into heads

Bed 35' X 74"
Space between columns - 100"

Total Weight" 116,000 lbs total

This unit can be inspected at our plant Milwaukee, Wisconsin - to schedule an appointment contact
Badger Machinery Sales LLC.
PH# 414-763-1930

More detailed information is available, breakdown of parts weight, takes 4 trucks for shipping.

PRICE: $ 48,900
Rigging not included- Quoted 7k to Dis-Mantle and Load on trucks
Shipping not included.

Gary Hohl
Badger Machinery Sales LLC
307 W. Layton Avenue
Milwaukee, Wi 53207
Ph; 414-763-1930


This Thompson Way grinder has never been put under power, electrical schematics available. Several photos available.

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