KIMLA 6-OSI (TYPE 2030)갠트리 및 더블 컬럼 머시닝 센터

모델:6-OSI (TYPE 2030)
형태:갠트리 및 더블 컬럼 머시닝 센터
Serial # :901
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₩111,775,024.45 KRW


무게:7500 (KGS)

CNC 5-axis milling machine with ranges of X-2000mm, Y 4000mm, Z-1000mm, weight of 8000kg. For large-size models, it will treat details with high vertical walls which cannot be processed on 3-axis machines. The possibility of performing the range of working motions: x1000-5000mm, y1500-24000mm z700-2000mm. 5D milling machines are used in the performance of models for thermoforming, laminating, casting. They can process wood, resin, aluminum and composite materials. They are also used for cutting off protruding tops after laminating and thermoforming. Application of scanning touch probe allows for the direct introduction of the shape of a cut moulding, and the use of a dosing head allows the application of adhesives, pastes and liquid gaskets. With its unique control system with dynamic analysis of vectors is to perform foamed polystyrene disposable foundry models. The control system is based on advanced technology with real-time Ethernet, which allows multiple reducing dynamic position errors during high speed machining.

In 5D machines, tilt/swivel heads with spindles of capacities from 2.4 to 25kW can be used, which provides a very wide range of applications.


The CNC KIMLA 6-OSI is in good condition. The machine worked in the Polish factory since 2013 until 2015.
If you have any question , feel free to contact with me.


KIMLA 6-OSI (TYPE 2030) (6.64메가 바이트)
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