MAX MUELLER MD20X30005 축 이상 CNC 선반

형태:5 축 이상 CNC 선반
조건:중고 - 우수
제어:CNC (Siemens 840 C)
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척크기:400 mm
동력:71 kW
최대 RPM:1800 rpm
스윙:850 mm
가공 길이:3,000 mm
무게:18500 kg
제어반:CNC (Siemens 840 C)

Technical Data
CNC-Turning-, Milling-, Boring Centre

manufacturer MAX MÜLLER
type MDW 20 M x 3000 built / put into operation 2000/01-2002
control SINUMERIK 840 C

working area:
swing diameter over bed 850 mm
swing diameter over longitudinal slide 690 mm
distance between centers 3.050 mm
turning length 2.960 mm

main spindle size 15, DIN 55026
ø in front bearing 200 mm
max. speed 1.800 min-1
gear steps 4 (7-250, 14-490, 28-1.000, 56-1.800 min-1)
power on 100/60 % ED 60/71 kW
torque 1. gear step 100/60 % 6.370/7.500 Nm
C-axis max. speed 16 min-1

Turning-, Milling-, Boring Unit:
tool taper Capto C6/ MM – prism for boring bars
speed range 56 – 3.000 min-1
power on 100/40 %ED 20/30 kW
max. – torque 300 Nm
travel Y – axis 250 mm (+125/-125 mm)
swivelling angle B – axis (milling spindle) 270° each 1° indexing position

quill ø 160 mm
quill stroke 160 mm
Max. workpiece weight 4.000 kg (chuck + steady + tailstock)
tailstock = NC – moveable

tool changer:
tool taper Capto C 6, MM – prism for boring bars
number of tool places 180

Accessories: CNC – Lathe for Turning-, Milling- and Boring, Turning-, Milling-, Boring Unit with CAPTO 6 – tapers for Milling Operations and MAX MÜLLER prism taper for boring bars with 800 mm length, steady self centering Ø 75 – 408 mm, coolant equipment without tank and
filtering unit however with pump display, coolant through milling spindle, 2 piece chip conveyor, chip breaking unit, power chuck Ø 400 mm, ca. 50 piece diverse tool tapers.

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