NAXOS UNION PMB 310크랭크 샤프트 그라인더

모델:PMB 310
형태:크랭크 샤프트 그라인더
조건:중고 - 우수
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스윙:12.6 "
중심:55.12 "
무게:about 18 to.
제어반:CNC (SINUMERIK 840 D powerline)

Technical Data
CNC- Crankshaft and Camshaft Grinder

manufacturer NAXOS-UNION
type PMB 310
built 2008
control SINUMERIK 840 D Powerline

working area:
swing diameter of workpiece max. 320 mm
radius of pin bearing max. 47 mm
workpiece length max. 1.400 mm
workpiece weight max. 150 kg

grinding wheel power, - measurements:
power grinding wheel 55 kW, three-phase asynchronous motor
liquid cooled
grinding wheel surface speed 125 m/s
diameter 600 mm
bore 132 mm
width, max. 50 mm

machine dates:
travel grinding wheel head X-axis 400 mm
travel grinding wheel head Z-axis 1.600 mm

work piece drive
asynchronous motor- torque motor, liquid cooled
torque max. 102 Nm
speed 0-300 min-1

servo motor grinding wheel head (X-axis):
synchronous-linear motor, liquid cooled
continuous force ca. 3.100 min-1

cross adjustment grinding wheel head (Z-axis)
A.C. – servo motor
torque 42 Nm
speed 3.000 min-1

A.C. - servo motor
torque ca. 3,0 Nn
speed on tool max. 17.400 min-1

2 pc. Steady AROBOTECH, Typ. GR-1100V-SDG Custom, GC 12357A

Working hours:
9.318 h

measurements of the machine L x W x H
space requirement L x W x H see lay out
weight ca. 16.000 kg

Complete equipped and in very good condition CNC-Crankshaft Grinder for
grinding center- and pin bearing in one clamping through CBN-grinding wheels

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