SHINRI ZK 8210정면 및 센터링기계

모델:ZK 8210
형태:정면 및 센터링기계
조건:중고 - 우수
제어:CNC (Fanuc Oi)
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용량:150 mm
센터간 거리:1 m
치수:3510 X 2360 X 2060
무게:6 metric tons
제어반:CNC (Fanuc Oi)

Machine Specifications

Workpiece Diameter 20 to 100 mm .75 to 4 inches

Workpiece Length One Vice 180 to 300 mm 7 to 12 inches
Two Vices 300 to 1000 mm 11.81 to 40 inches

Machining cross slide Travel

Left Side X1 Axis Travel 320 mm 12.5 inches
Z1 Axis Travel 510 mm 20.0 inches

Right Side X2 Axis Travel 320 mm 12.5 inches
Z2 Axis Travel 510 mm 20.0 inches

Accuracies of Cross Slide Travels

X axis .015 mm .0006 in
Z axis .015 mm .0006 in

X Axis .015 mm .0006 in
Z axis .015 mm .0006 in

Rapid traverse Rates of Cross slides

Right Side 9 m / min 350 in/ min
Left Side 9 m / min 350 in/ min

Ballscrew Specifications for Machining Cross slides

Right Side
X Axis THK 40 X 8
Z axis THK 40 X 6

Left Side
X Axis THK 40 X 8
Z axis THK 40 X 6

Same Side Milling spindle to centering/boring Spindle Centerline Distance Apart
250 mm 10 inches

Opposing spindle distance separation (Spindle face to spindle face) (Min to Max)
260 mm to 1280 mm
10.24 in to 50.39 in

Boring/Centering/Turning Spindles

Programmable RPM Range 15 to 1000 rpm
Other speeds available upon request
Spindle Nose Mount
Outside – Face Mount A-5 lathe spindle mount
Inside Taper – Drawbar Connection MT #5
HP of Motor drive (inverting motor) 2.2/3.7 KW (3 hp/ 5 hp)
Bearing Manufacturer
For center spindle: NSK P5
For drilling spindle: THK NN3018MBKR

Milling/Drilling Spindles

Programmable RPM Range 15-750 RPM
Other speeds available upon Request
Spindle Nose Mount
Inside Taper –NMTBA 7/24 taper (50 Taper) Machining Center spindle

HP of Motor drive 3.7/5.5 KW (5 Hp/7.4Hp)

Vice Information

Vice Clamping Force 30.4 kN
Slide travel for Vice 70 mm

Hydraulic Pump Motor

Hp Torque 290 N.m
RPM 20-200 RPM
Type – YMC-40 Pressure 12 Mpa

Coolant – Chip Tank Information

Reservoir Tank Size – 350 liters or 100 Gallons
Coolant Flow Pressure - 60 PSI – 4 MPA
Volume 50 liters /min
HP .1 KW

Electrical Service 230 Volt /3 phase / 60 Hertz
460 – 480 /3 phase/60 Hertz

Total Power required 65 KVA

Machine Weight 8000 KG Gross weight / 17,600 lbs Gross

Machine floor space required 3510 mm Length By 1820 mm Width By 2260 mm Height
138.2 in long X 71.7 in. wide X 88.9 in high


The Shinri Slant Bed CNC Face and center machine is a 4 spindle face/ center machine that allows you the flexibility to automate or manually load to the slant bed design. It also has the advantage of chip control during machining

The machine was bought in 2007 and has not been installed since then. It is still in like new condition

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