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Serial # :14960-T
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Stock # :6821


스윙:333.3 mm
중심:1,016 mm
스핀들 보어:34.93 mm
동력:1.5 kW
분당 회전속도:940 rpm
슬라이드 위 스윙:215.9 mm
치수:82” L x 28” W x 50”H
무게:1,300 Lbs.

We are pleased to offer, subject to prior sale and our conditions of sale, the following for your consideration:
Absolutely in Mint Condition! Limited Use, Made in USA
South Bend 13” x 40” Toolroom Lathe
Model: CL-145-C Serial number: 14960-T

General specifications are approximate and are subject to verification.
Swing over Bed: 13 1/8”
Maximum Distance Between Centers: 40”
Swing over saddle, cross slide: 7 ¾”
Size of Center for Headstock: # 3 MT
Spindle Thread: 2 ¼” x 8” TPI
Spindle Bore: diameter: 1 3/8” thru hole size
Spindle Speeds: 8 Changes, 4 Step Cone Pulley System, Direct Drive & Back Gear
Low 40, 60, 90, 135 RPM and High 270, 418, 618, 940 RPM
Cross slide Travel: 8 ½”
Threads: 48 Pitches LH or RH from 4 to 224 TPI
Longitudinal Feeds: 48 feeds RH or LH 48 from .0015” to .0841
Cross Feeds, thru friction clutch: 48 feeds from .0006” to .0315”
Tailstock Taper: #3MT
Main Motor: 2 HP, 220 volts, 3 Phase Power
Approx. Weight: 1,300 Lbs. (1,500 Lbs. if shipped on Skid)
Approx. Dimensions: 82” L x 28” W x 50”H

Complete with:

• 6” 3 Jaw Chuck,
• 8” Cushmann 4 Jaw Chuck
• 6” Face/Drive Plate
• Wedge Style quick change tool post & holders Set, CXA size
• Jacobs Drill Chuck 14N w/ #3MT Shank for tailstock
• Spare #3MT Reducer Sleeves
• Multiple Live Centers #3MT
• Dead Centers #3MT
• Steady Rest, from ½” to 3 1/8”
• Full Set of Drive Dogs

Inventory No: 6821


This Machine is really like a Fine Piece of Jewelry! Released from Long Time Standby Storage. Flaking on Ways Highly Visible!!

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