KRAFT수평 플레이 너 유형 보링

형태:수평 플레이 너 유형 보링
조건:새로운에서 주식
Serial # :HBM-CNC series
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환불 정책:1-년


스핀들 크기:6.3 "
제어반:CNC (Siemens and Fanuc)

Technical date Unit HBM-110T-CNC HBM-130T-CNC HBM-160T-CNC
Boring spindle diameter mm 110 130 160
Spindle taper ISO50 ISO50 ISO50
Range of Spindle speed r/min 1-2000 1-2000 2-1500
Power of main motor Kw 30 37 37
Worktable load ton 10/20/30/50/60 10/20/30/50/80 10/20/30/50/80
Ram size (LxW) mm 380x380 380x420 480x520
Max.Spindle Thrust N 25000 25000 30000
Number of Spindle speed steps stepless stepless stepless
Worktable size (L x W) mm 1200x1400 /1800x1800 1400x1600 /2000x2500 2000x2500 /2500x3000
X axis travel--worktable mm 2000-5000 2500-10000 2500-10000
Y axis travel--spindle box mm 1600/1800/2000 2000/3000 2000/3000/4500
Z axis travel--spindle bar mm 600 800 800
W axis travel--ram mm 800 800 800
V axis travel--column mm 1200 1600 1600
B axis worktable rotary 360° 360° 360°
Machine weight kg 38000 42000 53000
CNC system Siemens802D sl / 840 sl / Fanuc 0i / FAGOR


HBM series consists of main machine and rotary table which can be placed and used independently. The overall arrangement is "T" in shape, the direction of table movement is vertical to spindle and column movement. The travel of table and column and the height of column both can be redesigned. It is suitable for machining small and middle sized workpiece by boring, milling, reaming and drilling, such as: bores and surfaces of various frame, supports and reducing of box and etc.