KRAFT갠트리 및 더블 컬럼 머시닝 센터

형태:갠트리 및 더블 컬럼 머시닝 센터
조건:새로운에서 주식
Serial # :PM-CNC series
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환불 정책:1-년


X:8,001 mm
Y:6,198 mm
Z:1,499 mm
동력:45.6 kW
분당 회전속도:2500 rpm
테이블 W:5,499 mm
테이블-L:8,077 mm
# ATC:60
테이퍼:ISO 50

Technical date Unit PM-2500X-CNC PM-3500X-CNC PM-4500X-CNC PM-5000X-CNC PM-5500X-CNC
Table size mm 2500x6000-12000 3500x6000-12000 4500x8000-15000 5000x8000-15000 5500x8000-15000
Width between columns mm 3200 4200 5200 5700 6200
X axis travel mm 6000-12000 6000-12000 8000-15000 8000-15000 8000-15000
Y axis travel mm 3200 4200 5200 5700 6200
Z axis travel mm 1000/1200/1500 1000/1200/1500 1000/1200/1500 1000/1200/1500 1000/1200/1500
Rapid travel speed X/Y/Z m/min 12/12/10 12/12/10 12/12/10 12/12/10 12/12/10
Range of spindle speed r/min 2-1600 / 2-2500
Ram size mm 400x400
CNC system Siemens802D sl / 840 sl / Fanuc 0i / FAGOR


PM-X CNC series gantry milling machines possesses of high efficiency, high accuracy and high reliability.
The machine is widely applied in the field of machinery manufacture for rough and finish machining of big and middle base parts, box body, planisher and etc. It can carry out machining of flat surface, holes, inclined faces, inclined holes, curve faces and small faced plane of body components. The machine possesses milling, boring, drilling, reaming and tapping functions.
CNC system can realize milling with 3 axes simultaneous control.