TIMESAVERS 137-2 HPCM샌더스 포함 벨트 그라인더

모델:137-2 HPCM
형태:샌더스 포함 벨트 그라인더
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벨트 폭:939.8 mm
동력:18.6 kW

37" Timesavers Model 137-2 HPCM 37" Dual Head Dry Belt Grinder (1997)

Belt Width: 37"
Material Thickness (Max.): 8"
Belt Length: 74"
Number of Sanding Heads: 2
Conveyor Speed: 15-45 FPM
Infeed Conveyor: 23" (long)
Passline Height: 30" - 38"
Head 1: 25 HP
Head 2: 15 HP
Equipped With: Wet Dust Collection System, Electrical Controls Variable Speed Conveyor, Load Meters on the Head Motor, Wet Base Wet Recovery System, New Tensioner Installed in 2013, Maintained by Timesaver

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