SKODA W160수평 플로어 타입 보링

형태:수평 플로어 타입 보링
제어:CNC (Heidenhain 530i)
판매자:판매자가 누군지보기 ...


스핀들 크기:160 mm
골의 X-수평 TVL:10,000 mm
머리의 Y-수직 TVL:3,000 mm
동력:60 kW
분당 회전속도:1200 rpm
제어반:CNC (Heidenhain 530i)

Diameter of working spindle: 160 mm
X-axis travel: 10 000 mm
Y-axis travel: 3000 mm
Z-axis travel: 1600 mm
W-axis travel: 1250 mm
Taper in spindle: ISO 50
Spindle output: 60 kW
Rotation of spindle: 1200/min


Skoda W 160 after overhaul (2015). 1 year guarantee.

Skoda W 160 Rebuilt & Retrofit. 1-Year Warranty. Delivery Time 10-12 months.

Options: shorter/extended X travel, new headstock,
Siemens/Fanuc/Heidenhain control, rotary tables (new x used), floor
plates, chip conveyor, milling heads and attachments, other accessories.

- Complete Technical Quotation on Request

Contact me for the best price and more information.


Please see our Youtube channel full of videos with used machines and join us.

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