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Galvanotech Model 180 Loose Part(s) Selective Rotary Plating Machine/Line (2013)

Plating Capability: Capable of Plating Parts 180 Degree Via Rotary Attachments
Frame Construction: 2" X 2" Type 304 stainless steel tubing
Wheel Construction: 316 stainless steel, equip. with rotary attachment
Main Shaft: Brackets to support plating cells. Brackets to support rollers for masking belts. Adjustable Speed Drive/mask belt system. Adjustable speed ball type magnetic part feeder, to feed pins into guiding system.
Vibratory bowl: 12" diameter stainless steel vibratory bowl supported on mounting plate.
Vibratory feeder: Linear type vibratory feeder, equipped with interchangeable guide to feed the parts into plating attachments
Plating cell: 1/2" thick Polypropylene with plating length 60", equipped with platinum anodes.
Dual Wall sump tank: Capacity 20 gallons, made of 1/2" polypropylene and equipped with 3kw teflon heater, 1/2 HP pump, 1/6 HP pump filtering system,thermocuple and level sensors, needle valve and flow meter.
Drag Out System: Drag out rinse 6" Long, Drag out sump tank, capacity 20 gallons, with 1/6 HP pump.
Plumbing/ Electrical: Plumbing, including solution transferring system, water and air lines. Electrical control cabinet, including PLC, starters, temperature controller, relays, start/stop buttons. Wiring of control cabinet and ᄎ components. 208 VAC, 50A. Air requirement: 40CPM@80psig.

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