SHARP VH3수직 & 수평 선반

형태:수직 & 수평 선반
조건:중고 - 우수


테이블 크기 - W:12 "
테이블 사이즈-L:51 "
치수:74" X 72" X 108"
무게:5,830 lbs

1998 Sharp VH-3
Horizontal/Vertical Machining Center
With 4-Axis DRO

Control NEWALL 4-Axis DRO
Table Size 51-3/16" x 11-13/16"
X-Axis Travel 37-3/8"
Y-Axis Travel 14-13/16"
Z-Axis Travel 18-1/2"
Table Feeds X (12) 1/2 to 24-7/8 IPM
Table Feeds Z (12) 1/4 to 12-7/16 IPM
Rapid Traverse X & Y 116-1/2 IPM
Rapid Traverse Z 59-13/16 IPM
Vertical Spindle:
Spindle Taper NST #40
Spindle Speeds 120 - 3,600 RPM
Distance From Spindle End Table 5-1/8" to 23-5/8"
Distance From Spindle To Column 3-7/8" to 24-1/8"
Quill Feeds (in/rev) 0.0019, 0.0038, 0.0076
Quill Travel 5-1/8"
Swivel Angle Of Head (Left & Right) 45 Degrees
Cross Travel Of Arm 20-1/16"
Horizontal Rotation Of Over Arm 360 Degrees
Horizontal Spindle:
Spindle Taper NST #50
Spindle Speeds (12) 35-1,382 RPM
Distance From Center Of Spindle To Over Arm 7-1/8"
Distance From Center Of Spindle To Table 7/8 to 19-3/8
Vertical Spindle 5 HP
Horizontal Spindle 7.5 HP
Table Feed & Rapid Traverse 3 HP
Coolant Pump 1/8 HP
Approximate Dimensions (LxWxH) 74" x 72" x 108"
Approximate Weight 6,200 Lbs.

Equipped With:

4-Axis DRO
Box Ways Fully Gibbed To Ensure Smooth Sliding Motions
Easy Changeover From Vertical To Horizontal Operation
Horizontal Arbor Support
Power Drawbar On Vertical Head
Built-In 2-Axis Power Feed To Table & Saddle With Rapid Traverse
Power Knee Elevation
Separate Motors For Vertical & Horizontal Spindles
Coolant System
Auto Lube


1998 Sharp VH-3 Horizontal and Vertical Milling Machine with 4 Axis Digital Read Out. Machine is in excellent condition and can be inspected under power as needed. Machine comes with: 4 axis digital read out, power drawbar on vertical head, 2 axis power feed to table and saddle with rapid traverse, power knee elevation, coolant system, and auto lube. Please contact Brian Foerster at 847-800-4494 with any and all questions.

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