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모델:MACH 3 1313B
형태:워터젯 절단기
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₩67,047,600.00 KRW


펌프 아웃풋:60,000 PSI
X-축 이동:1,270 mm
Y-축 이동:1,270 mm
Z-축 이동:177.8 mm
테이블 크기 - W:1,219 mm
테이블 사이즈-L:1,219 mm


Mach3- M3-1313b Waterjet System, Model year 2011

50"x50" work envelope

50i-S II ESL 60ksi Intensifier Pump with 1 spare ESL intensifier

Current Hours: 10671.2

Installed/Included Options:

500 lb pressure abrasive hopper

Dynamic Waterjet cutting head (for taper elimination)

UltraPierce vacuum assist

Spare Parts Included:

· Component Name Quantity

ESL intensifier 1

· 0.014” Orifice 4

· 0.010” Orifice 2

· 0.007” Orifice 7

· Metering Disc Set 1

· T750 10 BAR (150PSI) Abrasive Line 10+ ft.

· Spare High Pressure Whip 1

· 1” Mixing Tube Spacer 2

· Nozzle Body 2

· Gland Nut Adapter (1/4” to 3/8”) 2

· AB Motor Home Prox Sensor 4

· Spare Kit 1

· Bleed Down Pump (60KSI) 1

· Bleed Down Rebuild 1

· On/Off Body (60KSI) 1

· Seal Rod 1

· Slip Wrench 1

· Girth Wrench 1

· Shift Pin 2

· Maintenance Swivel 1

· Maintenance On/Off 1

· On/Off Seal 1

· 60KSI Pump Maintenance Kit 1

More Info:

Item is located in South Elgin IL, 60177. The catch tank will be cleaned out of all garnet for transit. Buyer responsible for all Rigging and Freight. We will disconnect from air, water and electrical. We have ground level overhead doors and dock level doors. We are replacing for a larger machine. Only thing not going with machine is settling tank and trash pump even though it is in the pictures. Any questions call and ask for Logan Jaynes at 847-931-8986 or email engineering@catiglass.com. We will accept payment by check or electronic funds transfer.

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