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Grinding length 900 mm
max. Workpiece clamping length 1,375 mm
Workpiece diam. min. / max. 10-250 mm
Workpiece spindle bore 45 mm
Workpiece spindle head displacement on the table about 210 mm
Pitch range Einprofilsch. min. / max. 0.3 to 100 mm
Profile maximum of 8/10 module
max. Pitch angle + / - 40 °
Grinding wheel dimensions, diam. wide x 350 x 40 mm
Relief size from 0.01 to 8 mm
adjustable number of grooves 2-10/12/14/16
27 workpiece speeds from 0.4 to 160 U / min
6 Grinding wheel speeds, infinitely variable. 1700 - 2540 U / min
Spindle drive about 7.6 kW total power 18 kW - 380 V - 50 Hz
Weight about 6500 kg
Accessories / Special Features
"Automatic Grinding wheel truing the grinding spindle with
3 adjustable diamond heads to the flanks and the grinding wheel Ø train. Dressing speed adjustable zwischern 8 and 24 seconds
It can all the profiles according to metric / ISO / UN and Lead profiled or
be ground.
"Behind grinding device
"Separately standing Coolant system with tank and pump and TORBO-
SEPARATOR dirt centrifuge, cooling unit for hydraulic oil and for the
Grinding emulsion with presettable temperature, oil mist hood (2700) m
Hydraulic Tailstock with control of the workpiece expansion,
2 sets change gears in a separate box, various flanges with grinding wheels,


Owner retired.
High precision SWISS made thread grinding machine. Used only on test parts and small batches. Never used in high production environment. Would be good for precision thread plug or ring gauges, or long precision aircraft shafts or precision lead screws. Also special hobs or taps with relief.
Machine fully equipped with most all accessories available with this machine plus many extra duplicates,.
Full set{s} pitch change gears.
Relief option for taps and hobs.
Automatc 3 diamond thread angle dressing attachment
Manual 3 diamond thread angle dressing attachment.
Rack grinding attachment.
Diaform attachment.
Internal grinding attachment with 2 unused internal spindles and various quills.
Internal form crush roll attachment.
Most accessories never used.
Coolant centrifuge and coolant tank.
Various steady rests for long external and internally threaded parts.
Approximately 100 grinding wheel hub flanges.
Many boxes of new unused Tryolit Swiss grinding wheels
Approximately 100 grinding wheel flanges.
Machine used very little, in excellent condition, Hard to find item in this condition with huge accessory list included.

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