HNK HPM-30L S플레이 너 유형 밀스

모델:HPM-30L S
형태:플레이 너 유형 밀스
조건:중고 - 우수
제어:CNC (Siemens 840D)
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Stock # :V(F)-6064


테이블 W:3,000 mm
테이블-L:10,000 mm
레일 아래 높이:3,500 mm
하우징 간 거리:3,850 mm
전동기:77 kW
분당 회전속도:2000 rpm
제어반:CNC (Siemens 840D)

Table size 10000 x 3000 mm.
Table load max. 40000 kg.
Distance between the columns 3850 mm.
Distance spindle to table max. 3500 mm.
Table longitudinal travel X 10250 mm.
Milling ram saddle cross travel Y 5150 mm.
Milling ram vertical travel Z 1000 mm.
Crossrail vertical travel W 2500 mm.
Spindle taper ISO 50.
Spindle drive motor rating 51/77 KW.
Spindle speeds to max. 2000 rpm.
Tool magazine positions : 90.
Automatic tool changer.
Head magazine positions : 7.
Automatic head changer.
NC-Swivelling head A-Axis +/- 25°.
Various angle heads / universal heads etc..
Machine is immediately available.
The machine is in excellent condition.


This machine is in excellent condition.
All drives and drive trains are in perfect working condition.
Spindle bearings are very good.
The machine has a long life expectancy.
We can offer our full service facility with dismantling, transport and re-assembly and commissioning.

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