LEIFELD SC 216회전 선반

모델:SC 216
형태:회전 선반
조건:중고 - 우수
판매자:판매자가 누군지보기 ...


무게:18000 (KGS)

Blank diameter, max.: 63” / 1,600 mm

Distance between centers: 66.93” / 1,700 mm

Longitudinal slide travel: 39.37” /1,000 mm

Transverse slide travel: 19.69” /500 mm

Longitudinal thrust: 70 kN

Transverse thrust: 70 kN

Working speed of slide max.: 8 m/min

Ejector stroke: 15.75” / 400 mm

Ejector force: 90 kN

Tailstock sleeve stroke: 31.5” / 800 mm

Sleeve thrust: 75 kN

Forward speed of tailstock sleeve: 11 m/min

Return speed of tailstock sleeve: 25 m/min

Main spindle drive, threephase A.C. motor: 40 kW

Main spindle speeds, 2 steps
Step 1: 6 – 300 rpm
Step 2: 24- 1,000 rpm

Tool mounting, DIN 55027, size: 11

Drive rating of hydraulic system: 18.5 kW

Weight, aprrox.: 40,000 lbs / 18,000 kg

Machine designed for:
Nominal electric load: 75kVA
Operating voltage, 3~AC: 400 V
Voltage fluctuations max.: ± 10%
Frequency: 50 Hz
Control voltage A.C.: 230 V
Labelling of machine: English

Operating instructions: English

CNC Control
Play back feature

Included Equipment:
Hydraulically working blank centering unit: fastened to the machine bed opening and provided with 120 mm lifting stroke. Radial and axial adjustment via linear recirculating roller guidance systems. Easily adjustable to the respective blank diameter and the tool length via quick-clamping levers. Diameter setting via threaded spindle with position indicator.

Hydraulically actuated blank counter-holder: fastened to the headstock cover and easy to reset via quick clamping levers, to avoid wrinkles and to shorten the production times when forming blanks or preformed workpieces. A hardened and ground steel disk is used for counter-holding the blank. Infinitely adjustable working stroke. Blank counter-holder equipped with linear recirculating roller guidance system.

Six-station tool turret: arranged on the top slide. With this tool turret 6 different tools, such as spinning rollers, profiling rollers, smoothing rollers or turning tools can be used for machining. The top slide has a tool mounting via dovetail guidance with clamping cylinder. A central cylinder lifts the tool after its use out of the fixture of the top slide into the magazine location. The control automatically evaluates the shortest swiveling movement to the respective magazine location. The new tool is lowered and clamped in the fixture of the top slide.

Oil circulating lubrication with cooling for main spindle bearing arrangement.

Ejector against tailstock: control for pushing-off the workpiece from the tool with simultaneous counter-holding by the tailstock. Foot switch for releasing the workpieces.

Protective door, pneumatically actuated: to protect the working area of the machine.

U.S. Electrics: the machine is electrically installed in accordance with the U.S. standards.

Offline programming system: Leifeld Sheet Metal Spinning, based on Opus System.

Special heat protection with water cooling up to a forming temperature of 1000˚ C: cooling water tank, heat protection shield and water cooling for Headstock, slide with turret, roller shaft, tailstock, switch cabinet.

Burner Unit: provides top up heat to the blanks and comprising burner, water cooled, together with adjustable holder, valves, controls and safety equipment.

Electric infrared temperature measuring unit.

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