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Stock # :7785595


구멍 직경(최소):0.1016 mm
구멍 직경(최대):6.502 mm
작업 폭:304.8 mm
작업 길이:304.8 mm
X-축 이동:304.8 mm
Y-축 이동:203.2 mm
Z-축 이동:406.4 mm
치수:75" x 79"
무게:682 (LBS)

KD Capital Equipment LLC
7918 E McClain Drive Suite 101
Scottsdale Arizona 85260
Phone: (480) 922-1674 - Fax: (480) 922-1675

Ref # 7785595

One (1) 1996 CURRENT ST-300
EDM Hole Popper, CNC

Machining Stroke ( X x Y x Z ) 12 "x 8" x 12"
Guide Axis Travel 10"
Maximum Workpiece Weight 682 lbs (310kg)
Amperage Mean/Peak 30/57
Feedback X, Y Axis Closed Loop/Glass Scales
Feedback, Z Axis Encoder, Direct-to-Shaft
Electrode Diameter Range .004"-.256"
Sapphire Guide Included 1.0mm
Display Coordinates Inch or Metric
Table Resolution 0.0002 in. (0.005mm)
Spindle to Table (min) 0.4 in. (10mm)
Spindle to Table (max) 10.5 in. (260mm)
Worktable Size 12 x 12 in. (300x300mm)
Worktable Material Granite Nine M8 Threaded Inse
Electrical Requirements 208VAC/3 Phz/50-60Hz
Floor Area (Lx WxH) 24x28x70" (610x711x1778 mm)
Machine Weight 800 lbs (364 Kg)
Equipped With: Current EDM Controller w/XYZ DRO's
Granite Worktable with Stainless Rails
Three-Piston Electric Pump for Consistent High-Pressure Flush
90 Gallon Ebbco Water Filtration Unit
Auxillary Flush Line
All Available Manuals and Accesories

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