LEIFELD SC 216회전 선반

모델:SC 216
형태:회전 선반
Stock # :3434
$419,000.00 USD


스윙:63 "
무게:19,800 (KGS)
제어반:CNC (Beckhoff)

Blank diameter, max. 1,600 mm 63 inches
Distance between centers 1,270 mm 50 inches
Longitudinal slide travel 1,000 mm 40 inches
Transverse slide travel 500 mm 20 inches
Longitudinal thrust 70 kN 15,730 lbs
Transverse thrust 70 kN 15,730 lbs
Working speed of slide max. 8m/min 315 in/min
Ejector stroke 200 mm 8 inches
Ejector force 75 kN 16,860 lbs
Forward speed of ejector
adjustable up to 9m/min 354 in/min
Return speed of ejector 10.5m/min 413in/min
Tailstock sleeve stroke 800 mm 31.5 inches
Tailstock Force 75 kN 16,860 lbs
Forward speed
of tailstock sleeve 11m/min 433 in/min
Return speed
of tailstock sleeve 25m/min 984 in/min
Main spindle drive,
3 phase A.C. Motor 40 kW 53.6 hp
Main spindle speeds, 2 steps
Step 1 6-300 rpm
Step 2 24-1,000 rpm
Tool mounting, DIN 55027, size 11
Drive rating of hydraulic system 18.5kW 24.8 hp


Prism Machinery is offering a late model Leifeld SC 216 Spinning Machine with relatively low operating hours - 1320!

This machine is setup for hot spinning - all major components are protected with oil recirculation through a cooler.

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