TORNOS DECO 13스위스 타입 자동 스크류 기계

모델:DECO 13
형태:스위스 타입 자동 스크류 기계
제어:CNC (PNC-Deco)
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스핀들 구멍 직경:15.88 mm
분당 회전속도:12000 rpm
동력:4.1 kW
제어반:CNC (PNC-Deco)

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Equipped with:
=Tornos Robobar SSF 226 Loader
=Mist Buster Mist Collector
=16mm (5/8") Guide Bushing Option
=Live Spindles on S1, S2, S3, S4, S5
=Misc Tool Holders
= 10 ea Tool Holders
= 3 ea Live Tool Holders
= 6 ea Drill Sleeve Holders
=Misc Collets and Guide Bushings

All available Control System Disk and Service manuals and wrenches

Approx Hours 17,000

General Specifications As Per Brochure (Please Verify Details):

Type of Control: PNC-DECO
Bar Capacity: 13 mm
Max Number of Axes: 10
Spindle Speed: 0 - 12,000 rpm
Motor Power: 3.7 KW (5.5 hp)
Spindle Indexing: 0.1 degree
Guide Bushing Holder:
Programmable rpm: 100 - 12,000 rpm
# of Tools: 2 x 5
# of Cross Drilling/Milling on GB: 6
Number of End Tools: 4
Spindle Speed: 100 - 8,000 rpm
Sub-spindle / Counter-operation:
Max Clamping Diameter: 13 mm
Spindle Speed: 0 - 8,000 rpm
Spindle Indexing: 0.1 degree
Max Number of Counter Operations: 6
# of Stationary/Revolving Spindles 4


5/8" Tornos Deco 13/16, PNC-Deco, 2000, 10-Axis, Live Tools, Sub, Robobar Ldr

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