TORNOS DELTA 12/4스위스 타입 자동 스크류 기계

모델:DELTA 12/4
형태:스위스 타입 자동 스크류 기계
조건:중고 - 좋은
환불 정책:있는 그대로
Stock # :392880


스핀들 구멍 직경:0.5 "
분당 회전속도:12000 rpm
동력:3 hp
치수: 1640 x 1200 x 1725 mm
제어반:CNC (Fanuc 0iTD)

Equipped With:
LNS HYS 3.12 HYS Hydrodynamic Bar Feed, 3-tube
New England High Pressure Coolant System, 2-filter units
Part Conveyor
Mist Collector
Nakanishi (NSK) High Speed Spindle

General Specifications per Brochure:
(Detail must be confirmed by the buyer)

Axes: 5
Max Bar Diameter: 12 mm (1/2")
Max. length of workpiece:
fixed guide bush: 210 mm
motorised guide bush: 170 mm
driven guide bush: 80 mm
without guide bush: 45 mm
Indexing Main Spindle: 1 degree
Indexing for the counter spindle: 1 degree
Max. drilling diameter for main spindle: 7 mm
Max. thread-cutting dia for main spindle: M6 x 1
Max. bar diameter for counter-spindle: 12 mm
Max. drilling dia for counter-spindle: 7 mm
Max. thread-cut dia for counter-spindle: M6 x 1
Max. transversal drilling diameter: 6 (option)
Max. transversal thread-cutting diameter: M5 x 0.8 (option)
Main spindle speed: 200 to 12,000 rpm
Counter-spindle speed: 200 to 12, 000 rpm
Max. number of tools (4 axes / 5 axes): 16 tools / / 20 tools
Tool dimensions: 12 x 12 x 85
Main spindle power: 1.5 / 2.2 kW
Counter spindle power: 1.5 / 2.2 kW
Coolant pump power: 0.18 kW
Lubricating oil pump power: 3 W
Net weight (4 axes / 5 axes): 1800 / 1950 kg
Feed power (4 axes / 5 axes): 10 / 11 KVA
Air pressure: 6 bars
Air flow: 30 ln / min
Oil pan capacity: 115 Liters
Width x Depth x Height: 1640 x 1200 x 1725 mm

Multiple thread whirling cycle Manual pulse generator
Background programming Display time and # of workpieces
Customer macro B G96 constant cutting speed
Spindle synchronisation (speed / phase) Tool wear and geometry
Programmable G54-G59 data entry Chamfer and radius
Direct programming of design dimensions Correction of tool radius
Multiple repetitive cycles Drilling cycle
Rigid thread-cutting (Main & counter) Cutting monitoring
Detection of spindle speed fluctuations Inch / metric function
0.1 micron resolution Interface for memory card
Thread whirling cycle


1/2" TORNOS Delta 12/4, Fanuc OiTD, 2008, 3 Live/5OD/4ID, Hi Speed Drills, HPC

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