KNUTH KB 2100침대 유형 밀스

모델:KB 2100
형태:침대 유형 밀스
조건:새로운에서 주식
$87,000.00 USD


테이블 W:20 "
테이블-L:83 "
길이방항 이동:59 "
크로스방향 이동:26 "
동력:10 hp
분당 회전속도:1600 rpm

Working area

Table set up area - 83 x 20"

Table load capacity (max.) - 4,400 lbs

Number of T-slots - 4

T-slots, spacing - 0.8"


Travel X-axis - 59"

Travel Y-axis - 26"

Travel Z-axis - 0-28"

Vertical milling head

Spindle speed (vertical) (12) 40-1,600 rpm

Spindle mount - ISO 50

Throat - 24"

Vertical spindle-to-table surface distance - 0 -27.5"

Milling head swivel range - 360 degrees

Rapid feed

Rapid feed X-axis - 138"/min

Rapid feed Y-axis - 138"/min

Rapid feed Z-axis - 69"/min


Feed speed X-axis (infinitely variable) - 1-71"/min

Feed speed Y-axis (infinitely variable) - 1-71"/min

Drive capacity

Motor rating main drive - 10 hp

Motor rating feed - 2.7 hp

Motor rating coolant pump - 0.7 hp

Weight - 16,000 lbs


Bed-Type Milling Machine: Large machine bed, wide column, plus high intrinsic weight - Power package for machining of large parts and heavy-duty chip removal capacity

An extremely rigid, large-sized box-column design, made of premium cast-iron, provides a solid base for optimum work results

Extra wide box ways ensure maximum stability and precision at high loads

Extra long table travel distance and large table set-up area allow machining of large single parts or interactive machining of several parts - to give you a leading edge over your competition

Wide spindle speed range from 40 to 1600 rpm

Infinitely variable linear and cross feed

Control panel on a long extending arm that can be ideally positioned by the operator

This universal cutter head features maximum rigidity and quiet operation. The angle can be set manually on an infinitely adjustable scale from 90º to 45º. This allows an exact adjustment of the headstock in user-defined spatial angles and easy movement to a horizontal position.

The KB 2100 includes a horizontal cutter arbor holder with excellent rigidity, allowing the user to fully utilize the advantages of a bed-type milling machine design for machining with long cutter arbors.

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