TSUGAMI MB-38SY스위스 타입 자동 스크류 기계

형태:스위스 타입 자동 스크류 기계
제어:CNC (FANUC 18iTA)
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스핀들 구멍 직경:38.1 mm
분당 회전속도:6000 rpm
동력:11 kW
제어반:CNC (FANUC 18iTA)

Iemca Boss 547 Barfeed
Chip Conveyor
Parts Conveyor
Max. Machining Length: 4.92″
Max. Drilling Diameter: 0.63″ in 1045 Steel
Max. Tapping Size : 1/2″ in 1045 Steel
Main Spindle
Number of Spindles: 1
Spindle Speed: 60-6,000rpm
Motor Output : 10/14.7 hp
Spindle Indexing : 5deg.(72div)
Chuck Type: Collet Chuck (Draw/Toggle Type)
Number of Turrets: 2
Number of Mountable Plane: 8 Surfaces,2 Tool Locations per Surface
Indexing Method: Servomotor
Max. Speed of Drive Axis: T2 turret 5.400rpm
Back Spindle
Spindle Speed: 60-6,000rpm
Spindle Indexing: 5deg.(72 div)
Chuck Type: Collet Chuck (Push with Toggle Type)
X1,X2 : 3.15″
Z1 : 3.937″
Z2 : 5.51″
Y (T2 Turret) : 3.15″
Z3 : 11.22″
Rapid Traverse
Z1,Z2 : 787 IPM
X1,X2 : 472 IPM
Z3 : 787 IPM

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