LNS HYS 3.20 HS 4.8바 피더

모델:HYS 3.20 HS 4.8
형태:바 피더
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Stock # :393381


용량:19.05 mm

This unit is the new style 24V control

Originally configured for a Tsugami BS20CIII CNC Swiss Lathe - can also be

used on a fixed headstock lathe.

Tank S/N 44541, Tube S/N 44207

General Specifications as Per Brochure:

Consists of three (3) guide tubes with internal diameters of:
.866" for 1/2" to 13/16" diameter barstock
.551" for 1/4" to 1/2" diameter barstock
.315" for 1/16" to 1/4" diameter barstock
Equipped with:
Each guide tube contains its own push bar and piston assembly, and oil
Front support stand with a 40" long support arm for loading barstock
Z-axis adjustable 23" retract with safety switch
self-contained hydraulic system and reservoir:
Manual and automatic controls for hydraulic system on, off, manual
advancement and retraction of piston and automatic operation in conjunction
with the machine control

Barfeed: 198" x 35" x 45" 1,300 lbs
Hydraulic Tank: 37" x 22" x 28" 300 lbs


1/16"-3/4" LNS HYS 3.20 HS-4.8, Super Hydrobar,'08, 3-Tube Gatling

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