TSUGAMI B0326-II스위스 타입 자동 스크류 기계

형태:스위스 타입 자동 스크류 기계
제어:CNC (Fanuc 32i-B)
판매자:판매자가 누군지보기 ...


스핀들 구멍 직경:31.75 mm
분당 회전속도:8000 rpm
동력:5.6 kW
치수:85 x 50 x 76
제어반:CNC (Fanuc 32i-B)

Max Diameter Bar Capacity 1.25"
Max Machining Length (Swiss / Chucker Mode) 12.59" / 2.75"
Main Spindle Motor 7.5 HP
Main Spindle Speed 200 - 8000 RPM
Main Spindle Indexing .001 Degrees
Number of Tools:
Turning Tools 7
Live Tools for Main Spindle 7
Front Drilling Deephole 2
ID Positions for Main or Sub Spindle 5
Static Backworking Stations 4
Live Tools for Backworking 4
Main Spindle Deep Hole Drill Positions 2
Sub Spindle Motor 5 HP
Sub Spindle Speed 200 - 10,000 RPM
Max Front Rotary Drilling/Tapping Dia. 0.315" / M6
Max Front Drilling/Tapping Dia. 0.472" / M10
Max Back Drilling/Tapping Dia. 0.394" / M8
Machine Dimensions (L x W x H) 84.6" x 50.4" x 76"
Machine Weight 7480 lbs.

10.4" Color LCD
99 Pairs Tool Offsets
PC/MCIA Interface
Ethernet T10 Connection Interface
Abnormal Load Detection
Background Edit Function
Canned Cycles for Drilling
Canned Cycle for Threading
Chamfer / Corner Rounding Function
Chasing Function
Continuous Thread Cutting
Constant Surface Speed Control (Main & Back)
Custom Macro B
Cut-Off Breakage Detection
Cylindrical Interpolation
Direct Drawing Dimension Programming
Extended Part Program Edit
Helical Interpolation
I/O Interface
Inch Metric Changeover
Manual Pulse Generator with Program Check Function
Multiple Repetitive Cycles
Polar Coordinate Interpolation
Production Hour and Quantity Indicator
Programmable Data Input
Spindle Speed Fluctuation Device
Spindle Synchronous Control
Tool Geometry and Wear Offset
Tool Nose Radius Compensation
0.1 Micron Specification
Minimum Increment (0.00001 inch)
256K Program Storage Total
HRV Control
Reference Point Return (Absolute Position Detector)
Run Hour Display
Self-Diagnosis Function
Single Point Threading
Spindle Speed Fluctuation Detection
Superimposed & Simultaneous Control System
Tape Code (ISO Automatic Recognition)
Tool Breakage Detector (Spindle Speed Check)
Main / Back Spindle Synchronization
C-Axis Control (Main & Back)
Canned Cycles for Drilling (G80/83/85/89)
User Macro (G65-67)
Rigid Tapping on Main, Sub and Cross Tools
Turbo Micro Hinge Chip Conveyor (Side Exit)
Patriot 3-38 Magazine 12 ft. Barfeed
MP Systems High Pressure Coolant System (2000 psi / 8 Line)
Tri Mist 850 Mist Collection System
Synchronous Rotary Guide Bushing
Chucker Kit
Long Stroke Kit for Chucker Mode


99 Pairs Tool Offsets, PC/MCIA Interface, Ethernet T10 Connection Interface, Abnormal Load Detection, Background Edit Function, Canned Cycles for Drilling, Canned Cycle for Threading, Chamfer / Corner Rounding Function, Chasing Function, Continuous Thread Cutting, Constant Surface Speed Control (Main & Back), Custom Macro B, Cut-Off Breakage Detection, Cylindrical Interpolation, Direct Drawing Dimension Programming, Extended Part Program Edit, Helical Interpolation, I/O Interface, Inch Metric Changeover, Manual Pulse Generator with Program Check Function, Multiple Repetitive Cycles, Polar Coordinate Interpolation, Production Hour and Quantity Indicator, Programmable Data Input, Spindle Speed Fluctuation Device, Spindle Synchronous Control, Tool Geometry and Wear Offset, Tool Nose Radius Compensation, 0.1 Micron Specification, Minimum Increment (0.00001 inch), 256K Program Storage Total, HRV Control, Reference Point Return (Absolute Position Detector), Run Hour Display, Self-Diagnosis Function, Single Point Threading, Spindle Speed Fluctuation Detection, Superimposed & Simultaneous Control System, Tape Code (ISO Automatic Recognition), Tool Breakage Detector (Spindle Speed Check), Main / Back Spindle Synchronization, C-Axis Control (Main & Back), Canned Cycles for Drilling (G80/83/85/89), User Macro (G65-67), Rigid Tapping on Main, Sub and Cross Tools, Turbo Micro Hinge Chip Conveyor (Side Exit), Patriot 3-38 Magazine 12 ft. Barfeed, MP Systems High Pressure Coolant System (2000 psi / 8 Line), Tri Mist 850 Mist Collection System, Synchronous Rotary Guide Bushing, Chucker Kit, Long Stroke Kit for Chucker Mode

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