WILLIS 1050II수직 선반

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테이블 W:254 mm
테이블-L:1,270 mm
길이방항 이동:863.6 mm
크로스방향 이동:431.8 mm
동력:2.2 kW
분당 회전속도:4200 rpm


Willis Machinery offers five different models of vertical knee mills, both conventional and CNC. Our milling machines range from the model WM3VS, a 3 horsepower (3HP) variable speed, R-8 spindle milling machine with a 9 inch x 49 inch table, to a massive 5 horsepower (5HP), 40 taper spindle, Series II style machine with a 12 inch x 59 inch table, providing 47 inches of x-axis travel. Willis conventional knee mill models 1050 and 1050II are dovetail and square (box) way machines respectively. These milling machines are 3 horsepower (3HP), R-8 spindle machines, with an optional 30 taper spindle. The vertical mill model 1250II is a 5 horsepower (5HP), 40 taper spindle machine, with square (box) ways. Our milling machine model WM3VS has a rounded ram and column. The knee mill models 1050, 1050II, and 1250II have heavy duty square rams and columns with substantial knees and saddles. These milling machines all maintain Meehanite castings with hardened and ground ways as well as "Turcite" coating the adjacent surfaces. Willis conventional milling machine models WM3VS through 1250II are optionally available with electronic variable speed, through a "Yaskawa" inverter, known as the “EV” (electronic variable) models. The electronic variable speed option provides these vertical knee mills with up to 5000RPM in spindle speeds. “EV” spindle speeds are infinitely adjustable through a potentiometer. The vertical knee mill models WM3VS through 1250II are supplied both as conventional mill machines and CNC mill machines. The 1250II head is designed for extra rigidity, with right to left tilt, but without a front to back knuckle.


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