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제어:CNC (Windows 3.1 Based)
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Stock # :12654
₩32,528,475.00 KRW


펌프 아웃풋:50,000 PSI
X-축 이동:1,016 mm
Y-축 이동:508 mm
Z-축 이동:101.6 mm
테이블 크기 - W:609.6 mm
테이블 사이즈-L:1,219 mm
동력:22.4 kW
치수:72"L x 48"D x 60"H
무게:4,500 lb.
제어반:CNC (Windows 3.1 Based)

(Manual Z Adjustment)
Flow Pacer II Cutting Head
Programmable Feed Rates: .. 0-300 IPM (inches p/minute)
Maximum Rated PSI: ........ 50,000 PSI
30 Horse Power Direct Drive Pump

Mach Motion Controls New in 2015/
Windows Based Control
(Includes lifetime service & Support


30 Horse Power Flow Direct Drive Cougar Pump
Flow Pacer II cutting Head Equipped with
New 10-30 Carbide. Orifice is a 0.010 Ruby

500# Garnet Hopper
Up Graded Digital Drive Motors by Mach Motion
Replaced Over Torgue Stops with
Electrical Limit Switches on the X & Yy Axis's (Jan 2015)
Sheet Cam Nesting software Purchased & Installed by Mach Motion
Interfaces Directly with the Mach Motion Control Screen.
Due to the above upgrades during P.M. the machine is said to hold
much tighter tolerances than other "like" machines.
New Ball Screws in 2009
Electrics: 200/220 Volts

Customer lost job for machine after retrofit,
and has 3 other machines; as a result this
machine is said to have very low hours. Call for details.

Seller will include up-to 3 days of training, at his
facility prior to De-commissioning @ 6 Hours per day.


Motivated Seller. Price just reduced for fast sale!
Training just added!

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