WILLIS 1224-3A왕복 표면 그라인더

형태:왕복 표면 그라인더
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테이블 W:304.8 mm
테이블-L:609.6 mm
동력:3.7 kW
연마 휠 폭:25.4 mm
연마 휠 직경:355.6 mm


Designed and built from the highest quality materials and technology available, Willis Surface Grinders are able to provide the greatest possible value for the customer. In order to suit customers with all grinding applications, Willis Machinery & Tools offer many different surface grinder models. Constructed by the oldest surface grinder manufacturer in Taiwan, Willis Surface Grinders range from 6 inch x 16 inch to 36 inch x 80 inch in size and are available with manual, automatic, and PLC controls. Willis manually operated surface grinders include the 616S & 618 models. The 616S is equipped with a micro down feed mechanism providing forty millionths increments. These grinding machines are equipped with ball ways and a cable drive for the table feed. All Automatic Machines are standard with (1) V and (1) flat way for table feed, and (2) V-ways for cross-feed (1632 & smaller) 1224-3A machines and larger are standard with "Walker" electromagnetic chucks with control, paper filter coolant system, overhead parallel dresser and spark out, spindle runout less than 0.00001". Our Surface Grinders provide a dynamically balanced spindle with high precision angular contact ball bearings. Willis manual surface grinders utilize a one shot lube system where every Willis automatic surface grinder utilizes an automatic lubrication system. A Halogen work light is provided on Willis surface grinders. A grinding wheel and flange are provided on our surface grinders, as well as a wheel balancing stand and arbor. Willis surface grinders are equipped standard with a table mounted wheel dresser. Leveling pads are also standard with all models of Willis grinders. Some models feature for a magnetic coolant separator system with paper filtration. Willis automatic grinders are equipped with a hydraulic table feed, electronic cross feed, and incremental down feed. All feeds are adjustable. All automatic grinding machines are standard with one “V” and one flat way for the table feed. On surface grinder models ranging from the 1632 and smaller, two “V” ways are standard for the cross feed. These smaller reciprocating grinder models are saddle type grinding machines. The automatic surface grinder models ranging from 2040-3A and larger are traveling column grinding machines with one flat and one “V” way. All “V” and flat ways are coated with “Turcite” for smooth precise grinding operations. The 818-3A & 1020-3A surface grinder models include a permanent magnetic chuck, a dust suction/coolant system, and an overhead parallel dresser. The 1224-3A and larger models of surface grinders come standard with an electromagnetic chuck with variable holding power. The reciprocating table surface grinder models 1224-3A through 2060-3A are equipped with a paper-filter coolant system. Overhead parallel dressers are provided as standard equipment on all grinding machines from the 818-3A to the largest surface grinder model. Models 1224 and larger are available as PLC controlled grinding machines with a “Mitsubishi” servo motor and encoder, precision ball screws, a manual pulse generator (MPG) hand-wheel, and a programmable down feed. Optional PLC units provide these surface grinders with programmable cross feed, and automatic wheel dressing compensation.


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