형태:로타리 테이블
조건:새로운에서 주식
제어:CNC (Gcode, USB, switches)
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Stock # :MRT10-86-118
₩3,119,418.00 KRW


테이블 크기-X:322.6 mm
테이블 크기 - Y:287 mm
치수:10" table top
무게:82 pounds
제어반:CNC (Gcode, USB, switches)



These rotary tables are used for many kinds of heavy machining and precision turning, capable as a 4th axis. Other uses are ultra-precise applications such as laboratory, production part rotation, inspection, indexing to precise angles, laser marking, angular testing and measurements.

Robust as a stand-alone unit with several modes to automate your rotation and indexing, and controlled by other CNC controllers for additional mult-axis sequences.

This 10 inch rotary table ise CNC ready-to-go, and includes:

--Heavy-duty steel rotary table with quick mount T-slots
--Precision stepper motor and integrated controller with Joystick.
--Motor and drive use precision spur gears and are fully enclosed.
--TTL 3.3v serial port built-in, and 39" (1m) USB-TTL adapter serial cable.
--Two 4 inch cables with 3 pin housing and crimps for general DIY inputs, unwired at open end.
--20 or 24 volt AC/DC power supply and all cables.
--One set of 6 T-slot nuts, socket cap screws, and washers for clamping.
--Key ring with 10 metric hex key wrenches, 1.5 to 10mm.
--12 x 18 inch neoprene rubber sheet for water spray protection.
--Pre-packed for life with top quality high pressure black Moly-Lithium grease/lubricant.

All Excitron size 86mm stepper motors have 400 half-steps per shaft revolution, and the 486:1 gear ratio gives you an incredible 194,400 steps per table top revolution. This very high resolution is less than 0.002 degrees per half-step. Stepper motor top speed is over 8,000 half-steps/second, as high as 12,000 sps with lighter loads.

Worm gear backlash is virtually zero and you can readily adjust backlash and tightness. Usually backlash is +-.001", and even this can be compensated for electronically in CNC programs to reduce backlash to zero.


EXCITRON CORPORATION MRT10-86-118 (1.15메가 바이트)
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