SANJIA TS2163X3깊은 구멍 훈련

형태:깊은 구멍 훈련
조건:새로운에서 주식
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드릴링 직경:4.724 "
깊이 드릴링:118.1 "

Drilling hole Dia Φ40-Φ120mm
Trepanning Dia Φ140-450mm
Boring hole dia Φ40-Φ630mm
Boring depth range 3m
Spindle center height 630mm
Spindle front cone hole Φ120mm,1:20
Spindle speed range,class 20--390r/min 12
Main motor 45kW
Feeding speed range 5--500mm/min
Dia range of workpiece 120--800mm
Spindle hole diameter of drilling bar box Φ100mm
Front spindle taper hole of drilling bar box Φ120mm,1:20.
Drilling bar box motor 30kW
Drilling bar box speed range and steps 82--490r/min 6step
Feeding motor 7.5kW
Cooling pump motor 5.5kWx5
Hydraulic pump motor 1.5kW,n=1440r/min
Rated pressure of cooling system 2.5MPa
Volume of cooling system 100,200,300,400,700 l/min
Guide way width: 1000mm


This machine can be used to process not only regular-shape work piece(round bar, square steel ) but also irregular-shape workpiece.
It is a kind of widely used deep hole processing equipment with high Accuracy and rigid and strong machine bed. The range of spindle rotation speed is large and feeding system is driven by AC servo motor so that it can be used for every kind of deep hole processing. Sealing head and workpiece clampig have stable hydraulic advice

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