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모델:222 32/3
조건:중고 - 우수
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최대 두께:0.1196 "
최대 두께(게이지):11 ga
전체 길이:127.5 "
전체 길이:127.5 "
무게:10600 lb.
제어반:CNC (Delam)

Maximum Capacity, Full Length Mild Steel 11 ga.
Bending Length 127.5”
Smallest Inner Bend Radius (per DIN 6935 specification) 1.25 x gauge
Minimum Flange Height (per DIN 6935 specification) 6 x gauge
Clamping Beam Profile 45˚
Clamping Beam Stroke 13.78”
Clamping Beam Speed, Up 1.6”/sec
Clamping Beam Speed, Down 1.6”/sec
Folding Beam Adjustment 3.15”
Folding Beam Speed 75˚/sec
Folding Beam Accuracy +/- 1/3˚
Folding Angle Range 0 - 180˚
Bottom Beam Adjustment 3.15”
MAH25L Backgauge Range .394” – 125.9”
Backgauge Accuracy +/- .002”
Backgauge Weight Capacity 10,560 lb.
Maximum Gauging Speed 13”/sec
Quantity of Gauge Fingers 10
Working Height 35.43”
Machine Height 74”
Machine Width 191”
Machine Depth with MAH25L 155” approx.
Weight, approximate 10,600 lb.
Air Pressure 5 bar
Motor Power, Upper Beam 4.1 HP
Motor Power, Folding Beam 7.5 HP
Electrical, 3 phase 60 Hz 220/440
Rolling Footswitch
Safety Limit Switch in foot pedal for automatic upstroke of Clamping Beam
Light Beam in side frames for stopping folding beam when engaged
2 Emergency stops mounted on magnets with long cable to place anywhere
Automatic Hydraulic Tool Clamping
CNC Motorized Adjustment of Lower Beam for rapid changes in material thickness. Also allows the use of special radius tools.
CNC Motorized Crowning Adjustment for rapid changes in material thickness. Also allows the use of special radius tools.
Delam Fasti-Matic FM 200 Bh control
CNC screen control
12” CRT-screen (VGA, 4 grey levels)
2 500 program steps
30 tools clamping beam
15 tools bottom beam
60 tools folding beam


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